how to pass a marijuana drug test

We want you to realize you are not the only person concerned about passing a marijuana drug test. You may need to pass a test for employment or to keep your job. As marijuana continues to be legalized in more and more states, this has become a more frequent challenge.

Your best option is understanding how long marijuana remains in your system and the different types of tests. We have included a guide below on how to pass a marijuana drug test to help you on your journey.

The Different Types of Marijuana Testing

The most common test is a urine analysis. Your employer will give you a test strip and send you right to the bathroom. You need to urinate on the strip.

We have also seen employers who use a third-party lab for urine testing. This means you will have to drive to the location your test is being given.

Some employers use saliva testing. You will most likely be given this test at random at your job or during an interview. This test is fast, accurate and reliable.

A cotton swab or small brush will be placed between your lower cheek and gums. The swab will be moved under your tongue and over your gums for a couple of minutes. This gathers saliva from all over your mouth.

Your swab will be put into a test tube for a few minutes. If the liquid changes color, you have failed your drug test. We have seen some employers use an absorbent strip instead.

The strip works in the same way. If the strip changes color, marijuana was detected in your system.

The hardest test to pass is a hair test. This is because marijuana can be detected in your hair for a much longer period of time. You will be given an appointment at a lab or clinic by your employer.

Your hair sample will be taken approximately 1.5 inches from your scalp at the back of your head. If you are bald or your hair is extremely short, you still have to take this test. Your hair will just be taken from somewhere else on your body.

Your hair sample is sent to a lab to be tested. Your employer will know if you have passed in a couple of days. Depending on the exact test, numerous substances including THC can be detected in your hair for months or even years.

A blood test concentrates on actual traces of marijuana in your blood. You will not run into this test often because it is expensive and requires a licensed medical professional.

Your employer will give you the date and time to be at the facility. A sample of blood will be drawn from your forearm. Your sample will be tested at a lab. You will know if you passed in a couple of days.

The Drugs You Might be Tested For

The drugs most employers will usually test you for are (THC) marijuana, tincture, oils and CBD. Do not think you can get away with marijuana edibles. Anything you ate will show up on your drug test.

We want you to know some employers will test for other drugs as well. This includes amphetamines, (PCP) phencyclidine, benzodiazepines, cocaine, opiates, MDMA, propoxyphene and barbituates.

The Amount of Time Marijuana will Stay in Your System

If you use marijuana chronically or even frequently, it will stay in your system for as long as twelve weeks. If you only use marijuana occasionally, you should be clear in about three weeks from your last use.

Your best bet is to stop using marijuana for three months before your drug test. The actual detection of marijuana depends on how often you use it. The numbers are:

• Five to eight days for one use
• Eleven to eighteen days for use two to four times every month
• 23 to 35 days for use two to four times each week
• 33 to 48 days for use five to six times each week
• 49 to 63 days for use every day

You also need to consider the other factors including your body weight, height, metabolism, potency and how much marijuana you are using each time. The amount of time other drugs remain in your system are:

• Six to 24 hours for alcohol
• One to four days for cocaine
• Three days to two weeks for PCP
• Two to four days for heroin

The Best Ways to Pass Your Drug Test

We figure you already know the best way to pass a marijuana drug test is by not using marijuana. We hope you realize the chances of your having to take a drug test eventually are high.

A study conducted by the (AMA) American Management Association surveyed numerous different companies about drug testing for illegal substances. The results showed 61.8 percent said they drug-tested their employees.

Statistics show three out of every four individuals using illicit drugs in the United States have jobs. According to the Department of Labor, this results in a yearly productivity loss of $81 billion.

If you have between thirty and 45 days’ notice, you can detox naturally. You will need to stop using marijuana, exercise, eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of liquids. Your body will detox naturally.

THC is soluble. This means your body will naturally cleanse your urine and blood as time passes.

If you were notified of your test seven days in advance, use a detox program. This will speed up the natural cleansing process of your body. You will get a home testing kit with your package so you can make sure you are clean.

If you only have one day’s notice, you can flush your system with a detoxification drink. This will keep you clean for four to six hours after you drink it.

If you are being tested randomly without much warning, try a last-minute cleansing or detox method. You will find a lot of products such as mouthwash and bubblegum to keep your clean for roughly six hours after use.

If you have enough time, your best bet is a combination of the above methods. These are the safest methods you can use.

Learning Through YouTube

We realize you may be one of many who would like to see rather than read. Here’s a great video below.

This includes the best methods you can use, your expected results and the perils of drug tests. This information will help you pass your marijuana drug test.

The Riskier Options are Not Recommended and Dangerous

First, we want you to understand the following options are risky and we do not recommend any of them. They can not only be extremely dangerous, but they also will not work. We wanted you to know what you need to avoid.

The worst and most dangerous home remedies include bleach, vinegar, cranberry juice, niacin, Certo and Goldenseal.

Do not use someone else’s urine. This is extremely risky, detectable and you will most likely be caught.

You can use an adulterant to dilute your urine sample. Be warned, this is detectible and you will fail your drug test.

Your Other Options for Scoring a Pass

If you have used marijuana within a short period of time before your test, flush the toxins out of your system. Drinking as much water as possible before your test and urinating frequently is the best way to pass the last-minute test.

You can find products such as specialty drinks and shampoos at your local health and nutrition store to flush your body of marijuana more quickly. You will need to find these products by yourself because chances are good the store clerks will not help you.

This one is a little risky. You can take vitamins and drink a lot of juice for a surprise drug test. The problem is this will make your urine clear. This means the lab will know you flushed out your system.

Although you will probably be given another test to make certain it was not an error, you will have more time to prepare. Be warned, you will be watched more closely and your sample examined more carefully during your next test. You’re only remaining option is to pass your next test.

If you have no time and are desperate enough to try anything, there is another option. If you know what kind of test tubes will be used, buy one. Fill it with the urine of a clean friend then use tape to secure the tube to your thigh.

The temperature of your urine is important. When the urine is placed against your thigh, the temperature will be about right. The problem is, someone may be watching you urinate, you may receive a pat-down or you may be given another type of test.

If you are caught, you will automatically fail your drug test. This is the reason we do not recommend this method.

Synthetic urine also has risks. This is an option if you have run out of time and need to pass your marijuana drug test. You can make your purchase online and at numerous local drug and vitamin stores. You have to make certain the synthetic urine is the same temperature as your body.

If the urine is cold, the testing facility will know your sample is not genuine or has been tampered with. You can purchase a device to heat the urine to the correct temperature and strap the device to your body.

The problem is being patted down or watched during urination. This will result in failing your drug test.

You can flush out the toxins on the same day with a cleansing toxin made for removing THC. Your best option is a fast action body cleanser. You can use a home test kit to be sure the cleanser was effective before taking your test.

The Drug Test for Hair

We explained earlier this is the hardest test to pass because the THC will show for such a long time. There are only two ways to pass this test. The first is ineffective because it involves shaving your head. Your hair sample will just be taken elsewhere on your body.

The second method involves detoxing your hair. You will need:

• Shampoo containing salicylic acid
• Nexus Aloe Rid Shampoo
• White vinegar
• Liquid detergent
• Goggles
• Shower caps

Your first step is protecting your eyes with goggles. Use warm water to wet your hair before massaging the vinegar into your scalp and hair.

Next, massage the salicylic acid shampoo throughout your scalp and hair. You will feel a burning sensation. Wipe away any shampoo from your forehead and ears. Place a shower cap on your head and wait between thirty and 45 minutes.

Take off your shower cap and use warm water to completely rinse your hair and scalp. Use the Nexus Aloe Rid Shampoo to make certain your hair and scalp have been rinsed completely.

Use some detergent before thoroughly rinsing your hair again. Repeat this procedure for ten days. If you are pressed for time, repeat twice a day for five days. If you do this more often, you are risking serious damage to your hair.

The success rate for this method is high among the people who have tried it. Do not use any of the similar methods because they can be dangerous. This includes using bleach. This is a threat to your health and can cause severe damage.

The Bottom Line

We are not suggesting you try every method we have listed to pass your drug test. The best method for you depends on how much time you have and how often you use weed. Try the method with the most appeal first and see what happens. You can always try some of the other methods after that. We hope the methods we discussed are helpful and you pass your  drug test with flying colors.